Davey Grant Wiki/Bio, Age, Height, Weight

Davey Grant Wiki: Davey Grant is a well-known English mixed martial artist born on December 18, 1985. He started training in martial arts at a young age. He started kickboxing when he was 14 and had his first amateur Fight when he was 15. Grant, who has a competitive spirit, also played football and Rugby as a kid. When he was 21, he decided to take his passion for fighting to the next level and become a professional fighter. Davey has won many fights and has a great family with his wife, Sherrie, and their three kids.

Davey Grant’s name is the first thing that comes to mind when considering the UFC Bantamweight class. The Ultimate Fighter: Team Rousey vs. Team Tate was where he started in the Ultimate Fighting Championship. Even though Chris Holdsworth beat him in the final, his showing was good enough for the UFC to sign him. Since then, Grant has had many good fights and won the Fight of the Night award more than once.

Davey Grant Wiki, Bio

Davey Grant Wiki/Bio

Personal InformationDetails
Full NameDavid “Davey” Jeremy Grant
Date of Birth18 December 1985
OccupationMixed Martial Artist
MMA Training Start Age14
Pro-Fighting Decision Age21
Notable ShowThe Ultimate Fighter: Team Rousey vs. Team Tate
UFC SigningPost TUF 18, despite loss in the final
FamilyWife Sherrie, Two sons, One daughter
Other SportsFootball and Rugby in teenage years
Favourite TrainingKickboxing
Known ForParticipation in the UFC Bantamweight division
Childhood HeroBruce Lee
Favorite FoodChicken Pasta
HobbyReading and Gaming
Favourite FoodRocky
First CarFord Fiesta
Favorite MusicClassic Rock
TattooYes, on the left arm
PetA dog named Bruno
Dream VacationA trip to Hawaii

Davey Grant Height, Weight, and More

Grant‘s physical skills aren’t just his fighting skills; his height, weight, and other physical traits are also crucial to his job. The body of a skilled fighter needs to be in top shape, and Davey is no different. His height and weight are perfect for his class, which is Bantamweight. Let’s look at Grant’s body stats in more detail.

There are a lot of skilled fighters in the UFC Bantamweight division, but Davey Grant stands out because he is in great shape. His hard work and training have shaped his body so that he can do his best inside the Octagon. As a skilled mixed martial artist, his height, weight, and general body shape are crucial to his success.

Physical AttributesDetails
Height1.68 meters / 5.6 feet
Weight61 kg / 134.5 pounds
Body TypeAthletic
Eye ColorBrown
Hair ColorBlack
Reach69 inches
Leg Reach38 inches
TattooYes, on the left arm
Regular ExerciseKickboxing and Grappling
DietHigh-protein diet

Davey Grant Career Information

Davey Grant’s career has been marked by his ability to keep going even when things don’t go his way. Even though he lost his UFC debut to Chris Holdsworth, he went on to fight a steady stream of fights that pushed him and helped him improve. The wins he got, like his knockout win over Martin Day and the Performance of the Night awards he won, show how hard he worked and how dedicated he was.

Davey Grant

As Grant’s career continues, he impresses fans and other athletes with his dedication to the sport and constant drive to do well. Even though he has had setbacks, like injuries that kept him out of action for long periods, he has always returned better, showing his resilience and determination.

Career InformationDetails
UFC DebutNovember 30, 2013
First UFC OpponentChris Holdsworth
Significant InjuriesKnees, Ankle, and Back
Longest Fight Hiatus25 months
Performance of the Night AwardsThree times
Fight of the Night Awards3 times
TUF 18 PerformanceReached the final
Notable WinAgainst Martin Day at UFC 251
Notable LossAgainst Marlon Vera at UFC on ESPN 25
Current StreakWin against Raphael Assunção at UFC Fight Night 221
Next Scheduled FightNovember 30, 2013
Amateur FightsStarted at age 15
Professional Record9–1 before joining UFC
Fighting StyleKickboxing and Grappling

Davey Grant Net Worth Information

Even though the money side of being a professional mixed martial arts (MMA) fighter is often ignored, it’s a big part of a fighter’s life. Grant makes money from his fights, bonuses for winning, prizes for doing well, and other things. Even though his exact net worth isn’t known to the public, it’s safe to say that Grant’s successful job in the UFC has made him wealthy.

Grant loves to fight, but he also does it for a living. The time, effort, and expenses he puts into the sport significantly affect how much money he makes. His many wins, bonuses, and partnerships all help to increase his net worth.

Net Worth InformationDetails
Primary Income SourceProfessional Fighting
Additional EarningsPerformance and Win Bonuses
SponsorshipVarious MMA-related brands
Estimated Net WorthNot Publicly Disclosed
Real Estate InvestmentsResidential property in England
Charity DonationsInvolved in local community services
EndorsementsSports gear and nutrition brands
Financial ManagementManaged by a professional team
Car CollectionHas a fondness for SUVs
InvestmentsStocks and Mutual funds
Luxury GoodsOwns a collection of high-end watches
Retirement PlanDiverse investment portfolio

10 Interesting Facts about Davey Grant

  1. Davey Grant started his MMA training at the age of 14.
  2. Before joining the UFC, his professional record was 9–1.
  3. Despite losing in the TUF 18 final, his performance led to a contract with the UFC.
  4. Grant’s most extended hiatus from fighting was 25 months due to multiple injuries.
  5. He won the Fight of the Night award three times.
  6. Grant is a family man with a wife and three kids.
  7. He played football and Rugby during his teenage years.
  8. He has a pet dog named Bruno.
  9. His dream vacation destination is Hawaii.
  10. Apart from fighting, he enjoys reading and gaming.


In conclusion, Davey Grant is a well-known name in mixed martial arts, especially in the UFC’s Bantamweight class. Grant was born in England on December 18, 1985. He has been interested in fighting sports since he was in his teens. His early experiences with kickboxing and his choice to become a professional fighter when he was 21 set the stage for his remarkable journey.

Grant got a spot in the UFC because of how well he did on The Ultimate Fighter: Team Rousey vs. Team Tate, even though he lost in the finals. Since then, he has shown over and over again that he is strong, determined, and willing to fight. He has won many important matches and even gotten over severe injuries that could have ended his career. His excellent record of fights and the awards he’s won, including multiple Fight of the Night and Performance of the Night awards, show how skilled and determined he is.

Grant has a good life outside of the Octagon. He loves his family very much. He has three children and is married to Sherrie. His hobbies, like reading and playing video games, and his dream of taking a vacation in Hawaii show that he enjoys relaxation as much as his busy work life.

Even though his exact net worth is still unknown, it’s clear that Grant’s successful job in the UFC has brought him money. His income, partnerships, and wise investments show that he has a strategic way of handling his money, which will give him and his family a safe future.

Davey Grant’s life and job exemplify hard work, perseverance, and success. His story is a potent reminder that anyone can rise, last, and make a mark in their chosen field if they are passionate, work hard, and don’t give up.

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