C. J. Gardner-Johnson Wiki/Bio, Age, Height, Weight

C. J. Gardner-Johnson Wiki: C. J. Gardner-Johnson, who used to go by the name Chauncey Gardner Jr., is a well-known figure in American football. Gardner-Johnson was born on December 20, 1997. His outstanding play has made a name for himself in the National Football League (NFL). He started playing football at the University of Florida, where he did so well that big-league teams took notice. In the fourth Round of the 2019 NFL draft, he was picked up by the New Orleans Saints. This was the start of his professional career.

During his time with the Saints, Gardner-Johnson made essential contributions and showed great potential as a safety. During a game, he hurt his kidney and was put on injured reserve, but he didn’t let this stop him. Even though he was hurt, Gardner-Johnson led the team in interceptions during the 2022 season. This tough player is now signed with the Detroit Lions, where he will continue his NFL career.

C. J. Gardner-Johnson Wiki, Bio

C. J. Gardner-Johnson Wiki/Bio

Personal InformationDetails
Full NameChauncey “C.J.” Gardner-Johnson
BirthdayDecember 20, 1997
BirthplaceCocoa, Florida, USA
Height6 ft 0 in
Weight210 lbs
Current TeamDetroit Lions, NFL
College TeamUniversity of Florida Gators
Drafted ByNew Orleans Saints, 2019
Social MediaInstagram: @cgjxxiii
Family BackgroundSon of Chauncey Gardner Sr. and stepson of Brian Johnson
Personal LifeMarried to Julia Johnson since 2018

C. J. Gardner-Johnson Height, Weight, and More

Gardner-Johnson stays in great shape because he is a professional player. This has been a crucial part of his success. He is about 210 pounds and stands 6 feet tall. These physical traits, training, skill, and never-ending drive, have made him a strong player.

Gardner-Johnson has consistently shown how athletic he is, whether it’s by making a key interception or forcing a mistake. His physical strength and quickness have often made the difference between a win and a loss for his team. This makes him a valuable player. His skill on the field shows how hard he works and how much time and effort he puts into staying fit.

Physical AttributesDetails
Height6 ft 0 in
Weight210 lbs
Hair ColorBlack
Eye ColorBrown
Dominant HandRight-Handed
Body Fat %8-10%
Vertical Jump36.5 inches

C. J. Gardner-Johnson Career Information

Gardner-Johnson’s football journey is an excellent example of how to be tough, determined, and just plain talented. From his college days at the University of Florida to his current job as a safety for the NFL’s Detroit Lions, he has always shown what a good player he is. Even though he has had many problems, like a severe injury, Gardner-Johnson has become a robust and influential player.

C. J. Gardner-Johnson

In 2021, he picked off a pass from famous quarterback Tom Brady in a game against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. This helped his team win 9-0 and was one of the highlights of his career. Gardner-Johnson’s career is full of moments like this that show how talented and skilled he is.

Career InformationDetails
Current TeamDetroit Lions, NFL
Previous TeamsNew Orleans Saints, Philadelphia Eagles
Draft Year2019
Draft Round4th Round
CollegeUniversity of Florida
Career Highlights2019 PFWA All-Rookie Team, Leading Interceptions in 2022
Total Tackles221 (as of 2022)
Total Interceptions10 (as of 2022)
Total Sacks4 (as of 2022)

C. J. Gardner-Johnson Net Worth Information

Gardner-Johnson’s successful football career has helped him make money. His last deal with the Detroit Lions was worth $8 million and lasted one year. But Gardner-Johnson’s net worth isn’t just based on what he makes in the NFL. He has also made money through endorsements and other business activities.

Gardner-Johnson’s success on the field has undoubtedly led to financial success, but his story is not just about money. It’s about always trying your best and not giving up when things get complicated. Even though he has a lot of money, Gardner-Johnson stays focused on his football job and gives every game his all.

Net Worth InformationDetails
NFL Contract$8 Million (2023)
Total Net WorthEstimated $12 Million
Real Estate InvestmentsProperties in Florida
Business InvestmentsSportswear Company Shareholder
EndorsementsNike, Under Armour
Philanthropic EffortsDonates to Local Youth Football Programs
Financial AdvisorManaged by a Professional Team
CharityActive in several charity organizations
Spending HabitsHe is known for his smart investments and modest lifestyle
Future Financial GoalsBuilding a robust retirement fund

Ten Interesting Facts about C. J. Gardner-Johnson

  1. Gardner-Johnson was originally named Chauncey Gardner Jr. but changed his last name to honour his stepfather, Brian Johnson.
  2. He intercepted Tom Brady’s pass in a game against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in 2021.
  3. Even after suffering from a lacerated kidney, he led the league in interceptions in the 2022 season.
  4. His most recent contract with the Detroit Lions is worth $8 million for one year.
  5. He has played for three teams in the NFL: New Orleans Saints, Philadelphia Eagles, and Detroit Lions.
  6. Gardner-Johnson was named to the PFWA All-Rookie Team in his first professional season.
  7. His physical fitness routine includes a mix of, as mentioned above, weight training, cardio exercises, and flexibility training.
  8. 8. He is an active philanthropist and regularly contributes to local youth football programs in his home state of Florida.
  9. Besides football, Gardner-Johnson is an avid chess player who believes it helps him with his game strategy on the field.
  10. Despite his fame and success, he is known for his humble demeanour and always credits his achievements to his team and coaches.


The journey of C. J. Gardner-Johnson from his humble beginnings in Florida to becoming a vital member of the NFL is inspiring. His extraordinary abilities, commitment to the sport, and never-say-die attitude have been instrumental in moulding his football career. Despite encountering both, Gardner-Johnson could always recover from injury and controversy and demonstrate his value on the field.

Gardner-Johnson possesses admirable character, modesty, and benevolence off the field. His philanthropic efforts and support for juvenile football programs in Florida speak volumes about his commitment to community service. He recognizes the significance of fostering future talent and making sports accessible to all individuals.

C. J. Gardner-Johnson is a role model for aspiring athletes because he demonstrates that success comes to those who work diligently, remain focused, and remain committed to their craft. The fact that he changed his name to honour his stepfather demonstrates his deep-seated family values.

Moreover, Gardner-Johnson’s passion for chess and belief that it positively affects his game strategy discloses an intriguing aspect of his personality, demonstrating that he is much more than a talented athlete.

The professional trajectory and personal life of C. J. Gardner-Johnson are nothing short of inspiring. His exceptional skill, tenacity, humility, and altruism are admirable. This versatility has helped him establish himself as a respected figure off the field and create a successful football career. He will continue to serve as an inspiration for aspiring football players worldwide for many years to come.

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